• Balashi


    Wizard, hired Enusat
  • Bellara


    Betrothed to Toru, brother to Samyuk
  • Captain Makado

    Captain Makado

    Arrogant leader of Toru's ill-fated patrol.
  • Elric


    A quick-witted fighter who is a sharp as his sword.
  • Enusat


    A tired soldier approaching middle age. Fermented cactuar juice and lack of sleep make his gray eyes perpetually watery. A dark shaggy mane and salt-and-pepper beard partially conceal a puckered white scar running from his lower lip to right jaw.
  • Furoji


    Fifteen-year-old rogue hired by Toru to accompany him into the Tower. She has her own agenda.
  • Samyuk


    Brother to Toru's beloved, Bellara, who was lost two years ago inside the Tower.
  • Toru the Wayfarer

    Toru the Wayfarer

    Former mage of the Uruk Army, Toru has a tall and commanding presence. He wears his long blond hair in a braided pony tail and is never without his military lance.