A tired soldier approaching middle age. Fermented cactuar juice and lack of sleep make his gray eyes perpetually watery. A dark shaggy mane and salt-and-pepper beard partially conceal a puckered white scar running from his lower lip to right jaw.


Level 3 Male Veteran Warrior
34 years old
Gray eyes, salt-and-pepper black hair and beard
White puckered scar running from lower lip to jaw

Communication 2, Constitution 1, Cunning 4 (Military Lore, Natural Lore), Dexterity 2, Magic 2, Perception 1, Strength 4 (Heavy Blades), Willpower 2 (Self-Discipline)

Speed 11, Defense 12, Armor 4, Penalty -1, Health 43
Random Veteran Benefits: Perception +1, Weapon Group: Heavy Blades
Warrior Weapon Groups: Brawling, Bows, Spears, Staves.
Talents: Two-Hander Style, Archery Style, Armor Training (Novice, Journeyman)
Melee Weapons: Two-handed Sword (Attack 3, Damage 3d6 +4), Morningstar (2, 1d6 +7)
Ranged Weapon: Crossbow (Att 2, Dmg 2d6 +2, Short 30, Long 60, Reload Major)
Armor: Heavy Leather Armor
Equipment: 20 bolts, 60 silver
Languages: Trade Tongue

Level 2, gained 2 Health, +1 Strength, Strength Focus: Heavy Blades, Class Ability Focus: Military Lore
Level 3, gained 5 Health, +1 Cunning, Cunning Focus: Natural Lore, Journeyman Armor Training

Concept Goals & Ties:
1. Honor my word to protect Climbers and keep them safe.
2. Destroy the dragon that slew my ward and lover, Humusi.
3. Die in battle against the minions of the tower.

Enusat served with Toru in the Uruk Army. Enusat’s duty was to protect the casters during battle. Unfortunately, when a dragon attacked their unit, Enusat could not save his ward and lover Humusi from the beast. Toru was there when Enusat recovered and broke the news to him. Enusat, distraught, went AWOL. He has recently resurfaced, serving as a Guardian to Climbers for beer money.

Enusat (DW Version)
Level 1 Human Fighter
Dead Eyes, Wild Hair, Scarred Skin, Ravaged Body
Str 17 (2) Dex 11 (0) Con 15 (1) Int 13 (+1) Wis 8 (-1) Chr 9 (0)
HP 25, Base Damage d10

HUMAN- When Enusat deals damage to a group, he adds 1 damage.
SIGNATURE WEAPON- Sword, Close Range, Huge (
messy, +forceful), +Hand Range (Enusat’s two-handed sword allows him to swing wildly to reach close range opponents, or may be gripped to stab nearby critters), Ancient Look.
Alignment: GOOD- When defending those weaker than him, he marks XP.
I have sworn to protect Toru.
Furoji is soft, but I will make her hard like me.
Two-handed Sword (Hand, Close, +1 damage, +messy, +forceful, 2 weight)
Crossbow (Near, Far, 2 weight)
Leather Armor (1 armor, 1 weight)
Adventuring Gear (3 uses, when applicable, expend use and +1 to move)
Dungeon Rations (5 uses)
Opium Chew (5 uses, when I share, expend 2 uses and +1 Forward to Parley with them)



Enusat was born into a farming community outside of Meskia and drafted into the army during the last Summer of Anu. While serving in the army, he came into close contact with the nobly born mage Humusi. The two became lovers, and for a time, Enusat imagined a future for himself with Humusi beyond the farm. Emboldened by her presence at his side, Enusat became one of the most decorated soldiers in his unit. All of that ended when they encountered the dragon in the Garden of the Scorpion. Humusi was killed, along with half of the mage regiment that Enusat was charged with protecting, and the grieving soldier abandoned his post to return to obscurity in the country. But the denizens of the Tower took even that refuge from him. Returning home, Enusat discovered that his farming village had been destroyed. Reluctantly, the warrior returned to Meskia and became addicted to fermented cactuar juice. These days, Enusat hires himself out as a bodyguard to Climbers until he has enough money to climb back into the bottle and secretly hopes that one day the dragon that destroyed his reason for living will return to finish the job.


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