The Tower of Druaga


This will be the home and playground for The Tower of Druaga: The AGE of URUK, a Play-by-Forum campaign using the Dragon Age RPG by Green Ronin.

The Tower of Druaga is an anime based on a Nintendo game series. The anime has two parts, The Aegis or URUK and The Sword of URUK, and is available for free at Crunchyroll.

I write a review of the anime series explaining why I liked it so much.

I also wrote a post about why I like Tower of Druaga for an RPG.

This campaign will be based on the same world, though 80 years after the events in the anime. That said, in order to play in this campaign, you must watch The Aegis of URUK. Whether you watch The Sword of URUK is up to you (though I doubt you’ll get to episode 12 of Aegis and not want to know what happens next).

I am currently in the planning stages of this campaign. I have also just started the Spring semester at the university, so it will be a bit slow for a bit.

If you are interested in more info, just leave a comment and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

The Tower of Druaga: The AGE of URUK

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